Eating out in Florence – in style!

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Travelling to Florence for a semester from the US to study the finer things that Florence has to offer? Want to make sure you “blend in when you go out to eat in Florence? Take note that the style is currently always changing, but one thing does remain the same in Italian style; Florentines are always dressed to impress. Florence is after all, extremely fashion oriented (home to Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Enrico Coveri, Patrizia Pepe and others!) and much of the local economy is centred around the fashion industry. If you are a foreigner in Italy and want to “blend in” and not feel uncomfortable when you go out to eat, you should follow just a few simple guidelines to achieve the “Firenze look.” Florentines adore seeing tourists who put some time into what they wear, as they do. Locals take great pride in their wardrobe and authentic Florentine cuisine. So when you go out to enjoy some of their authentic Firenze cuisine, be aware that you should look the part as well.

You can never go wrong with a dress and some heels, just make sure that the dress is not too revealing. Italians are more conservative when they go out for dinner than perhaps their US counterparts. If you are going out to a club, that would be another story altogether. But to go out for a evening dinner with your friends or loved ones, wear something gorgeous. Such as a dress, skirt with tights, and heels. As for the ‘do nots’ in Florentine fashion, Italians do not wear a whole lot of shorts, that is an easy way to be spotted as a tourist. The classic, “shorts and sandals” look is great back in the US, but not so much for Italian city centres. If your ‘go-tos’ are shorts, then substitute the shorts with black skinny jeans and a comfortable blouse. This will make all the difference, when it comes to being viewed as a ‘tourist’ in Florence, or a Firenze local.

Shoes, scarves, jewellery, and hair are all accessories to complete the perfect Florentine outfit. If you choose to dress down your outfit for comfort, than dress back up your outfit by choosing the right pair of shoes, make them stand out. Choose a bright coloured heel to go with your outfit, to draw attention to your magnificent footwear. If you are not comfortable in heels, flats are a great alternative, and still just as dressy and fashionable. Florentines do not wear a whole lot of sandals, unless they are going to the beach. Also, jewellery and scarves can easily make or break your outfit; just take the time to coordinate some of your favourite pieces into your ensemble. True Florentines wear scarves with almost every outfit, dress up any dull outfit with a bright coloured scarf to wrap around you. It’ll keep you warm and bring that “pop” that the outfit needs to draw in the attention of other Florence natives. As for hair, to complete the dressed up “Firenze look” leave your hair down, and if you have the right equipment, then curl it. After the outfit is put together, and your hair is all done, put a nice shade of red lipstick on, throw on that dress that you barely packed in your suitcase and grab some authentic Florentine cuisine with the ones you love!

Lots of US students drop by L’Osteria di Giovanni with their parents during their time spent studying here in Florence, and we love noting the ones who have really taken the local culture to their hearts and look stunning! Siete bellissime!


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