Tuscan through and through.
Not necessarily in terms of DNA (Giovanni’s wife is from new York, Caterina is gloriously confused, the staff is national and international) but this place is ours, our land, our history our territory, our pride and joy.
For every single one of us.
Tuscan history pervades each of us and speaks loud and clear in our cuisine.

A Firenze

We are proud of our city and it’s name “Firenze”.We are located between the Arno river and the main station of Santa Maria Novella. We are not easily found if you don’t know what you are looking for! But if you look carefully, in these narrow streets where the roof tops almost touch, we are not alone.
Meet hidden Firenze, in the back streets!

For everyone

Some of our clients open their front doors come downstairs and wander along the street, some jump in a taxi, some park at the station … others take jets, book hotels and travel half-way around the world, How magnificent and how humbling. A meeting of minds, cultures and expectations. How wonderful to be part of this new Firenze.