In the kitchen

Our menu. It’s fruit of our traditions, our immagination and your reactions. Sometimes dishes may vary, but our Florentine heart never wavers.


Giovanni’s antipasto: prosciutto and a selection of home-cured salami, crostini with liver paté, bruschette with mushroom pesto and sheep’s cheese ricotta.

Caprese salad with burrata, tomatoes, artichokes and olives.

Puff pastry basket filled with vegetables and sun dried tomato pesto.

Prawns with chickpea purée and rosemary


Ribollita (traditional bread and vegetable soup)

Farro and cannellini bean soup



Homemade pici pasta with sausage and kale ragout

Potato raviolini with porcini mushrooms and cream of truffle

Tortelli stuffed with pear and pecorino cheese in a cream of leeks and almond shavings

Large maccheroni with hot tomato sauce and grated pecorino cheese

Tagliatelle with clams, shrimp, calamari and scampi

Special of the Day

From our charcoal grill

Bistecca alla Fiorentina – a five-finger high steak, with roast potatoes

Sirloin steak with braised onions and parmesan cheese

Sirloin steak with braised porcini mushrooms

Filet mignon with roasted vegetables and Swiss chard

Milk-fed veal chop with roasted cherry tomatoes

Boneless chicken drumstick with grilled vegetables

Braised meats

Veal involtini rolled with eggplant and pecorino cheese with porcini mushrooms

Pot-roasted guinea hen rolled with pancetta and sage

Fresh fish of the Day

Piatto del Buon Ricordo (a dish from times past)

Roasted squab Florentine style served with sausage potato flan



Warm lemon cake served with gelato

Pear poached in red wine served with chocolate gelato

Brownie à la mode

Frozen pistachio parfait

Panna cotta

Pineapple carpaccio marinated in a pink peppercorn simple syrup served with lemon gelato

Dessert of the day

Homemade gelati: vanilla, chocolate, lemon, passion fruit sorbet