Hot, hot and them some more hot!

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In case you haven’t heard, it is hot in Mediterranean Europe this summer. Hot. All the time. Hot! Here follow some useful tips for keeping your core temperature from exploding if you are visiting Florence this summer.

  • if you have a quiet place with air-con to go in the very hottest hours (between about 2 and 5 pm), say a hotel room, a rented apartment, your friend’s place, then really do it!
  • drink water, water and then more water – carry some with your wherever you go and top up regularly (3 litres a day is good)
  • run your wrists under cold water for a couple of minutes each time you go to the bathroom, it will make you feel wonderful (for a few minutes!)
  • carry an old-fashioned cheap-o plastic fan in your bag, we promise you that if you have it you will use it!
  • spicy foods actually help you out, but kick-starting your circulation and provoking a little light sweating which keeps you cool
  • avoid heavy cream-based ice creams and opt for the lighter fruit flavours
  • avoid direct sunlight and seek the shade
  • light coloured clothing is good (white especially)
  • those shops all have good air-con, pop in and browse for a couple of minutes 🙂

On a very serious note, if you or any of your party really does get too over-heated, either a tepid (not cold) bath, or wet towels applied to the skin will get things back under control quickly.

Stay safe and healthy in Florence!

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