There really is only one L’Osteria di Giovanni!

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So today we are going to touch on a some what potentially delicated subject! We will do our very best to be tactful and discreet …

L’Osteria di Giovanni  has become rather famous in Florence. We are enjoying a share in the limelight as one of Florence’s renowned eateries and that does indeed come with a great deal of satisfaction. But of course there is a price to be paid for being just a little bit famous and successful! Other eateries just might have identified our name and logo as a guaranteed shortcut to fame and fortune!

Firstly let’s talk about the Palma di Majorca instance!

2  L Osteria di Giovanni Firenze

L’Osteria di Giovanni – Palma di Mallorca

Even though there is apparently no internet website, and the Facebook page has not been updated since May 2014, and the logo and name of the restaurant in question are … um… identical to ours, let’s say we can take this one with a grain of salt, and even have a little giggle at whoever thought that adding some 1970s style tomatoes over our logo would be an improvement. It’s unlikely that anyone booking in either of the two establishments (in Florence or in Mallorca) could unintentionally end up at the wrong venue.

But in the case of Trattoria di Giovanni here in Florence, the situation is rather more worrying. We are not going to link them for obvious reasons (we are feeling mean!) but even a search on Google for them will bring up L’Osteria di Giovanni high in the ranking! The restaurant is a very different establishment to ours, and in reality we are not direct competitors. But there is a down side to all this. At least once a week we have people (mostly Italians, couples,  and above all groups – families, work colleagues etc) who turn up at ours absolutely convinced that they have booked, but we have no trace of any correspondence. It took a while but we eventually worked it out. Our friends at Trattoria di Giovanni make use of a number of booking platforms (Quandoo, Fork and the like), and several times people book with Trattoria di Giovanni believing that they are booking for L’Osteria di Giovanni.

There is only ONE L’Osteria di Giovanni and we ONLY accept direct bookings (website, email or phone).

To date we have always managed somehow to fit people in with a little table manipulation and the fabulous good will of our other clients (how awful to believe you have booked to find out that you actually haven’t), but sooner or later we won’t be able to accommodate someone, and that someone at best will be sad and at worst very angry. This is obviously a situation we really want to avoid.

Being imitated is of course a huge compliment, but when we risk upsetting our clients, it becomes a whole lot less fun. Pass it on – L’Osteria di Giovanni ONLY takes direct bookings. Thank you!


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