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Thanksgiving is a time for everyone to celebrate!

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We have done it! We have perfected our ideas for our Thanksgiving menu. But before we let you see our masterpiece of a menu – let’s step back and think about why we celebrate this tradition with food. In 1623, the first Thanksgiving was in fact celebrated by the Pilgrims, they wanted to give homage   …Continue Reading

Ribollita Reloaded!

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Have you ever had ribollita? If you haven’t – you must come back to Florence to try it! There are many traditional Italian dishes that must be experienced when you visit Tuscany, and this is absolutely one of them. Ribollita is a famous Tuscan soup made out of bread and vegetables. There are many variations   …Continue Reading

Vino Novello time is here!

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As you walk through the streets of Florence – what do you smell? Roasted chestnuts, and that fresh brisk smell of fall setting in like a blanket covering the city. Today is also the first day to enjoy a lovely glass of vino novello. Vino Novello’s literal translation is “young wine,” it is put through   …Continue Reading