Thanksgiving is a time for everyone to celebrate!

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We have done it! We have perfected our ideas for our Thanksgiving menu. But before we let you see our masterpiece of a menu – let’s step back and think about why we celebrate this tradition with food.

In 1623, the first Thanksgiving was in fact celebrated by the Pilgrims, they wanted to give homage for surviving the harsh winter.

During the first winter in Northern American, many Pilgrims died due to poor harvest – the seed and cattle that were brought over from England were not suited to the North American climate. The harvest was really not successful.

The second year, with help from Native Americans, the Pilgrims found out which crops were suitable for the climate and which animals bred well in those conditions, and the harvest was a real success.

The Thanksgiving that took place that year with Native Americans and Pilgrims sitting down together, was one formed from peace and union among cultures and races. We like to look back at history and reflect on that message – we like to consider humanity as one big family celebrating together. This Thanksgiving, we hope you do just that – celebrate together and be thankful and grateful for all that you have. This could be an opportunity to help and think about others too, just as the Pilgrims and Native Americans did, so that’s more food for thought over this Thanksgiving time.

Now, let us get to the good stuff! our menu for this year’s celebration –



Aperitivo: Prosecco with crostini

Cream of peas and basil with cornbread

Ravioli stuffed with pumpkin with a balsamic vinegar, walnut and sage sauce

Roast turkey with chestnut and bread stuffing cranberry sauce and gravy sweet potato puree, glazed pearl onions and string beans




Dessert, choice of:

New York Cheesecake

Pecan Pie served with vanilla gelato

Brownie with chocolate ganache

Lemon Cake served with vanilla gelato

 Plus water and coffee – 40 euro/person excluding wine

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