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You might have noticed. We are a little bit “old-style“. Giovanni has firm ideas about how guests are to be treated, never put under-pressure and certainly never bothered at the end of a meal to write a review on TripAdvisor, or click “like” on Facebook.

We have recently become very active on both. A very big step for us – although theoretically this kind of conversation is close to our hearts, pratically we have had to come to terms with tools we didn’t really understand and technical issues that hurt the brain!

But we are amazed and astounded at how easily the “whole” conversation manages itself. We make no conscious effort to sollicate TripAdvisor reviews and yet we find that we are answering on average about 60 reviews a month –  how on earth do you all find the time and energy! But thank you – we love reading all of them, and we learn so much from them.

And then there is Facebook – we receive so many bookings via Facebook (something we would have thought impossibile a couple of years ago).

reservations via facebook

And we love the conversation, we love hearing what you say, we love “chatting”.

We have recently discovered too the American phenomenon of Yelp, which whilst not big in Europe is definitely growing. We might have to start giving that a little attention too. Not to mention Google + which we are slowly getting our heads around. Do forgive us for not opening a twitter account (we do find lots of things posted about us, and we show them on Facebook and Google +) and we have even occasionally turned up on Instagram, but midst all this delightful chatting, someone has to do some cooking!

We really didn’t think that we would ever be saying this, but we love it. Thank you all for taking part.

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