The wine cellar downstairs … a talking point!

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The secret staircase behind the bar

Many of the wines stored are kept in their original wooden storage boxes. Sometimes guests ask to take an empty box away with them!

Whoever would have thought that just a single room could provoke so many different reactions!



Just down the “secret” staircase behind the bar, is our underground wine cellar. It’s where we have an extra few tables. It’s always hard to turn people away and is nice to have some reserve space. But far from being an extra dining room, this really is a working wine cellar, holding several thousand bottles of wine. Waiters will nip in and out grabbing a bottle or three keeping the atmosphere buzzing. We can seat about 12 people in the cellar, and we now often have requests directly for a table amongst the wine bottles. But as you can see from the comments above, some love it, but some really don’t!

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