Some additional help in booking your table

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We are always trying to make things easier and more efficient around here. We have recently introduced onto our web page a booking function to allow you to make you booking online, quickly and easily. Here are the particular points to notice:

  • don’t book today for today! We don’t have dedicated “booking staff”! and you might catch us in the kitchen, talking to suppliers or polishing cutlery; we cannot always turn around ultra-fast replies. Phone us please.
  • don’t book for more than six weeks in advance, in this topsy-turvy world things can change (and they do), so let’s not plan life too far ahead!
  • check the dates that are are already bursting at the seams! They are always up to date on our website, and each Monday we publish them on facebook and keep our google+ page updated too – it’s a wonder that we ever have any time to actually cook anything.

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