Sweetmeats are good meats?

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On Friday we had our yearly “thanks friends and neighbours” bash (no fixed date, we just do it when we feel like it, post Christmas/New Year) with local business owners, neighbours, friends, the Florentine flag-throwers and anyone else who wants to come. We keep the price low (€35 including house wine) but do not compromise on the menu. We flip our time machine back a few hundred years and reproduce all those dishes that use up every single bit of the animal; cold tripe salad, tortellini in meat broth, boiled tongue and calf head … It doesn’t take a strong stomach but it does take a determined frame of mind if you are not used to eating “the bits”.  Nothing, but nothing, delights us more than a wide open attitude and the perception of a cultural challenge (“well if they can do it …”). This year we were joined by Girl in Florence and Nico.

You  know what? We think they liked it! Read the blog!

It is tripe and it is good!

It is tripe and it is good!


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